On Demand: Ballet Basics with Sarah

On Demand: Ballet Basics with Sarah

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This tutorial teaches the basic ballet positions and placement and will have you practicing poised and graceful exercises.

Whether it's $7 or $20, pay what you can. 100% goes to the instructor teaching the tutorial!  Thank you for your support!

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About the Instructor: Sarah Johannesen (DivaDance HOU)

You can call me...Sarah or my friends call me Sarah Jo or SJ!

Hometown: Houston, Texas!!

Day Job: I work for a non-profit in Houston called Kids’ Meals. I work in the Communications&Development side and do lots of social media!

Favorite Diva: Ohh shoot this is hard!!! I love Gina Rodriguez- she’s so BA

Favorite Music Video: Something Jonas Brothers...probably Burnin’ Up. Iconic.

Favorite Emoji: 💃

Favorite Food or Cocktail: Will never turn down tacos and a marg ;)

Favorite Outfit to Slay In: Something sassy and black!

Dancefloor Jam: Anything Lizzo or Abba to throw it back

Fave Beauty Product: I fell prey to Curology and actually really like it...it works for me!

A Secret...shhh i can’t say!!

Personal Mantra: You are loved. You are His. You are golden and widely unique and there is no one like you.

My Hashtag Is: #livinglikegolden :)

Follow me on Instagram! @livinglikegolden